Grapefruit & Orange Pour Homme
treatment for men mature and combination skin with dilated pores

A treatment for improving skin condition based on grapefruit and bitter orange flower extracts. Recommended for mature and combination skin with dilated pores and a tendency to shine. The exfoliating properties of fruit acids remove the dead epidermis cells, improving and brightening skin colour and unblocking the sebaceous glands. A classical grapefruit-scented massage stimulates microcirculation, and citrus-scented Activator offers the skin an abundance of active substances, such as pore-tightening Hamamelis extract, antibacterial natural salicylates and regenerating niacinamide. The skin around the eyes will be improved using an anti-swelling complex, improving microcirculation. Matting Cream, with a Grapefruit Extract, will finish off the treatment.




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