by Endermologie

The first treatment to precisely target localized fat tissue that is resistant to diet and exercise.

Scientific discoveries have now made Endermologie even more effective. With completely new protocols and the latest generation of LPG’s equipment, it is now possible to stimulate lipolysis in just a few sessions.

Lipomassage triggers the elimination of deep fat tissue that is resistant to diet  and exercise

Even with the strictest of diets and intensive physical activity, the human body reta ins stubb orn and unsightly areas of fat tissue. Lipomassage is a nat ural, scientifically proven solution for long-lasting fat reduction and a slimmer figure. This exclusive LPG technique is a major breakthrough in Endermologie. It is based part icularly on a recent scientific study, conducted by Professor Lafonta n (Inserm, Toulouse). The study shows that Lipomassage through the lat est generation LPG machines’ feat ures (Roll’In, Roll’Up, Roll’Out) stimulat es adipocytes via their ß receptors to activat elipolysis. Emerging from this discovery are new, more efficient protocols with more tar geted methodology
for faster results.

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