Nanokeratin System Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Treatment Prices from £185

Nano Keratin Brazilian Keratin Treatment (Brazilian Blow Dry) is a fantastic way to keep on top of your hair's condition and day to day maintenance. Following the treatment, care and styling of your hair becomes effortless with minimal amounts of blow drying and styling required for months afterwards. Your hair will have much improved resiliency; and will no longer be affected by rain, humidity or sweat. This is the beginning of the end to frizzy hair.
The treatment takes anywhere from 2 to 3 hours depending on the length and thickness of your hair, this isn’t a permanent treatment, however it will last anywhere from 2 to 4 months depending on how often you wash your hair and your day to day hair habits.
The Brazillian Keratin treatment can be used on anyone’s hair depending on the desired result, a thorough consultation will take place prior to your appointment to ensure it is right for you and your lifestyle.

The more damaged, thick, frizzy your hair is the better the result. By infusing the keratin into the hair shaft it will equalise out uneven hair porosity, remove frizz and unwanted volume, cut your blow-drying time by half and bring the natural feel of the hair back.
The Brazillian Blow Dry often gets confused with chemical permanent treatments such as chemical straightening and perm's, they couldn’t be more different....
"The Brazilian Blow Dry " aka "Brazilian Keratin Treatment" or "permanent Blow Dry" do not change the natural structure of the hair, it enhances your natural shape whilst removing unwanted frizz and volume, adds strength, protection, and most of all natural protein (keratin) that your hair needs to grow healthy and strong just like your nails.

If you have naturally very curly hair your hair will not be permanently straight unless you yourself choose to style that way at home, if your hair is naturally straight with a very slight wave you will find when drying your hair at home with even just a paddle brush it will be straight smooth with a beautifully natural bounce.

The keratin must be infused and set in the hair by using straightening irons, so we can’t create "Cheryl Cole" curls, you will still need to do your hair at home to create your desired style
Not recommended for clients with fine hair looking for volume.
How to look after your hair-
“Once you have had your treatment done in the salon you will leave with beautiful soft FRIZZFREE hair.

  • You MUST NOT wash your hair for a minimum of 24 hours (the longer you leave your hair without washing the better)
  • DO NOT tuck your hair behind your ears, wear any hairclips, headbands, hair ties etc until you have washed your hair, in the time between your washing the hair has a memory and is setting and can leave a kind in the hair even after washing.

Most importantly you must use a SODIUM CHLORIDE FREE (salt free) shampoo and conditioner, if you choose not too we cannot guarantee your treatment will last longer than 2 weeks if that. You will not need to use any styling products however if you do please ensure they are also SODIUM CHLORIDE FREE.

Pharmaceris H Sebopurin Professional Normalising shampoo for oily hair

Pharmaceris H Nutrimelin Active Regenerating shampoo for dry hair

Pharmaceris H  Keratineum Concentrated Strengthening shampoo for weak hair

Pharmaceris H Sensitonin Professional Soothing shampoo for sensitive scalp

Pharmaceris H Nutrigin  Regenerating Conditioner for dry hair

Pharmaceris H Sensign Conditioner for delicate hair

Pharmaceris H Keragin Strengthening Conditioner for weak and thinning hair
If for example you are going on a 2 week holiday to the beach, this treatment would be the perfect end to your holiday to restore your hair not before!

Please contact us to book your treatment and get the quotation."

Brazilian Blow Dry FAQ
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