L'Oreal Professional Colour

At  Enzo our stylists use only the best products, that is why we use L’Oreal Professional Colours and Home Hair care Products. We offer a wide range of colour tecqniques from foils, global colours and beliage, with the choice of permanent, semi permanent and temporary colour.

On arriving for your appointment you will receive a face to face consultation that includes recommendations from your stylist in regard to your desired result. It’s important that we build trust and honesty with both yourself and with your stylist, to ensure we can give you what you exactly what you want without damaging the health and condition of your hair. As a client you will be recommended a Home hair care range to support the colour services and condition and health of your hair.

All colour services should be followed up by a L’Oreal professional Powerdose treatment to replace the natural protein (keratin) in the hair as artificial colour can leave the hair feeling dry and brittle.  L’Oreal Professional have the best conditioning systems in their products to help with the condition of the hair, so by following up your service with having an in salon treatment and using your Home hair care this ensure that your stylist can confidently take care of your hair colour/condition of your hair and has more flexibility to change your colour when and if you desire.

Colouring Short Medium Long
Full head colour Permanent/
Semi permanent
Half head colour Permanent/
Semi permanent
Regrowth/ Roots only
Regrowth/ Roots only INOA
Full head Platinium Highlights
Half head Platimium Highlights
T-Section foils
(hairline and parting)
Single foils
Extra colour
Pensioners: 30% off all colour prices
Monday to Friday
20% off colour service on Tuesdays

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