Velvety Feet
a relaxing & nourishing treatment with warm paraffin and foot massage

The purpose of this treatment is to ensure proper nourishment, hydration and lipid levels in the skin of the feet in order to make it smooth and soft. Moreover, the treatment helps relax the feet, imparting a sensation of lightness.

The treatment starts with bathing the fatigued feet in a soothing bath of dissolved Bath Salt and rose petals. The bath is followed with a peeling based on an innovative professional peel which has a very nice texture, delicious appearance and a wonderful aroma of tropical fruits. Sherbet – a sugar body scrub – is an energising product with exfoliating properties, mainly comprising sugar. As the scrub is spread over the body, sugar crystals gradually dissolve, and the skin becomes velvety to the touch.

Once the feet are patted dry, a Bio-Structural Base Mask with a few drops of the Aromatic Complex is applied, followed with a few minutes of foot massage. Nail plates and cuticles are additionally strengthened and provided with extra lipids in the form of the Aromatic Stimulating Complex which has an oily texture. After another portion of the Bio-Structural Base Mask is applied, the feet are submerged three times in warm paraffin which sets immediately after removing the feet from the bathing tub, forming a protective coating on the surface of the skin. The feet are then wrapped in plastic film and towels. Under this warm poultice, the skin intensely absorbs nutrients provided with the products used during the treatment.

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