Sole sempre

Sole Sempre is a professional skin tanning treatment; Sole Sempre prepares skin for exposure to sun, sun beds/lamps. Sessions are recommended at client’s discretion. For more information on this service please book a consultation with your beauty therapist.

Professional Skin Tanning Treatment

Professional Mandelic Acid
Professional product ideal for optimising tanning and biologically rejuvenating skin.

Professional Gel
Professional product, perfect for the ideal suntan. Stimulates melanin production to offer a uniform pigmentation, enhancing suntan and appearance. Prevents burns and increases biological cellular defences.

Professional Cream
Professional product, ideal for ensuring a safe exposure to UVA and UVB rays. It not only considerably improves the quality of suntans, but also promotes a luminous and uniform tanning result. Prevents burns and increases biological cellular defences, protecting skin against photodamage.

Main active ingredients:
Mandelic Acid: organic acid. Does not cause burning sensations or skin reddening, and is ideal for repairing and regenerating aged skin. Immediately enhances and restores skin firmness and radiance. This substance is not photosensitive and its characteristics and action are not altered by the client’s skin phototype, and as it can be applied to very fair and delicate skins. Since it can be used frequently and just before exposure to the sun.

Gluconolactone: this polyhydroxy acid is found naturally in skin cells. It is a natural antioxidant and it improves skin defence, and while not provoking irritation, it protects skin from damage caused by oxidants.

Mpf Factor: a specific biomodulating complex which protects microcirculation, prevents skin irritation caused by long exposure to sun or sun lamps and promotes keratinocyte proliferation improving skin metabolic cell functions.

Tan Complex: a complex consisting of three active substances,this complex is ideal catalyst in melanin production. Promotes melanin synthesis when exposed to the sun for fast skin tanning.

Energized Vitamin E: energized and antioxidant biofunctional complex with anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties when exposed to sun or sun lamps.

Astacrom Complex: this complex, consisting of two functional substances, is an innovative antioxidant, protecting skin cell structure against damage caused by long and intense exposure to UV rays.

Resveratrol: natural multifunctional main active ingredient, it is an effective twin action antioxidant as it functions as a chelating agent and as a radical scavenger. Resveratrol revitalizes and prevents and protects skin from damage caused by stress. Promotes cell proliferation and collagen production by revitalizing fibroblasts and by inhibiting protease increasing the lifespan of the intracellular protein matrix.

Sulforaphane: a substance found in broccoli which helps prevent and protect against skin cancer caused by incorrect exposure to both natural and artificial UV rays. It improves the endogenous enzymatic defence system.

Carnocomplex: a complex consisting of two functional substances with an antiglycation action. Glycation, also known as the Maillard reaction, is a biochemical process related to skin aging which is combined with other biochemical and biological alterations in skin.

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