Silky Hands
an intense regenerating treatment with paraffin

The purpose of this treatment is to ensure intense conditioning, deep nourishment and hydration of the skin to leave the hands soft and silky smooth.

The treatment starts with washing the hands with Active Conditioner which contains 5% citric acid. The product is formulated as an active toner which has an intensely lightening and smoothing effect on the skin. The product’s relaxing fragrance will additionally soothe the senses.

The magic crystals of the Sugar Sherbet slough off dead skin cells. Once the skin is prepared for the intense treatment, Special Lightening & Regenerating Cream is spread over the hands. Nail plates and cuticles are supplied with lipids applied in the form of Stimulating Aromatic Complex. For the next few minutes, the hands and lower arms are massaged with the use of Protective & Soothing Oil. After the massage, the hands are covered again with a thick layer of the Special Lightening & Regenerating Cream. It is now the time for a nourishing bath – the hands are submerged three times in warm paraffin, and then wrapped in plastic film and towels. The warmth facilitates penetration of the cream’s active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin to ensure intense regeneration of the hands.

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