neos lifting

Neo Lifting is an intense professional lift effect skin care treatment, ideal for all skin types which require an intense energizing and revitalizing action. We recommend 6 sessions followed by 1 or 2 sessions every 15 days to ensure maximum results. Treatment cycle is at your beauty therapist’s discretion.


For more information on this service please book a consultation with your beauty therapist.

Treatment Price
Neos Lifting £50

1. Scrub-Plus
Bio-scrub contains a keratolytic enzyme combined with natural and different sized micro-grains offering a delicate exfoliating action leaving skin with a perfect radiant and smooth effect.

Particular BIO-SCRUB combined with KERATON and a mix of natural substances for an immediate exfoliative effect.

2. Intense-Vit
Vial for professional use rich in active ingredients with a nourishing and regenerating effect, optimizes metabolic processes and protects against skin aging.

Vial for professional use rich in active ingredients with a nourishing and regenerating effect.

3. Lift Special
This mask is ideal for a regenerating and toning effect, helps restore skin firmness and vitality

Lift effect toning mask. Firms, promotes cellular growth and restores elasticity to skin.

4. Absolute Creme
A dmae cream combined with regenerating and hydrating active ingredients for improving the viscoelastic properties of skin leaving it with a radiant lifting effect.

DMAE special cream with regenerating active ingredients. Imroves skin elasticity and balances moisture for a toned, radiant and regenerated complexion.

Main active ingredients:

Keratoline: keratolytic action, natural micron-grains, smoothing effect.

Copper Peptides: promotes ECM (extracellular matrix) restructuring, protects skin from UV ray damage, improves the production of collagen, elastin and GAGs, improves microcirculation, increases skin defence and protects from damage caused by oxidants.

Syn-Coll (palmitoyl tripeptide-3): stimulates collagen synthesis activating TGF-beta, has a toning and hydrating action, reduces wrinkles leaving skin with a smooth effect.

Tocotrienols: antioxidant action.

1-3 Betaglucan: regenerating action.

Hydroderm: revitalizing and restructuring action.

Serilesine (pentapeptide 10): improves cell cohesion, toning effect.

Dmae: toning effect, redefi nes facial lineaments, increases skindefence.

Phytodermine Lift: tensor action for a 24 hour lifting effect.

Multiple Hydration Complex (liposome mix): complete moisturizing and hydrating action, softening and soothing effect.

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