Neos eyes

Neo Eyes is a professional anti-wrinkle eye contour treatment to create a rejuvenating effect for eye contour areas, we recommend 10 sessions. One session per week for the first 4 weeks, 1 session every 15 days for the following 2 weeks, for the maximum results we recommend 1 maintenance session per month for 4 months, treatment cycle is 2 a year.


For more information on this service please book a consultation with your beauty therapist.

Treatment Price
Neos Eyes £30

1. Bio-Peel
The ideal product for a stimulating and biological rejuvenating effect at a dermis-epidermis level

Ideal product for rejuvenating eye contour areas.

2. Bio-Relax
A special bioactive gel formulated with peptides and other skin treating substances for promoting an effective and intense anti-wrinkle and orbicular muscle decontracting action

Ideal product for a revitalising, decontracting and anti-wrinkle action.

3. Reneval
A special multi-active fluid formulated with peptides and other skin treating substances for promoting an effective and radical anti-wrinkle and orbicular muscle decontracting action

Ideal product for a revitalizing, decontracting and toning action.

4. Lifting
Delicate cream formulated for immediately restoring hydration to skin, combined with a decongestive action to improve elasticity. Prevents and protects against photoaging, leaving skin with a pleasing sensation and a radiant lifting effect.

ideal for giving skin elasticity with an antiglycation and hydration action and lifting effect.

Main active ingredients:

Mandelic Acid: increases luminosity, improves skin fi rmness, uniforms skin colour, promotes the production of collagen, elastin and GAGs.

Protage: keratolytic action; immediate and delicate action, skin firming effect.

Lactobionic Acid: improves deep and superficial skin hydration.

Gluconolactone: antioxidant action, stimulates cell turnover, modulates the keratinization process.

Vialox (pentapeptideamide 4): an intense decontracting action which can be compared to botox, substantially reduces expression wrinkles.

Alpha-Pyrone: relaxes skin tissue, anti-wrinkle action.

Ascorbyl Palmitate: promotes the production of collagen, antioxidant action.

Eyeliss (dipeptide 2+tetrapeptide-3 Hesperidin methyl chalcone): reduces capillary permeability, improves lymphatic circulation, increases skin firmness and elasticity, calming and anti-inflammatory action and reduces bags.

Dermaxyl (Ceramide2+oligopeptide): anti-aging repair action, anti-wrinkle action, stimulates cell communication.

Haloxyl (palmitoyl oligopeptide-tetrapeptide-3): toning action, eliminates unpleasant dark circles under eyes.

Syn-Ake (tripeptide): decontracting action with a botox effect, reduces expression wrinkles, smoothing action.

Vexel (Palmitoyl carnitine - caffeine Lecitne extract): toning action, increases tissue oxygenation.

Phytodermine Lift: tensor action for a 24 hour lifting effect.

Lipoic Acid: broad spectrum antioxidant, facilitates removal of damaged cells, prevents and repairs damage caused by UV rays, anti-aging action.

Copper Peptides: promotes ECM (extracellular matrix) restructuring, protects skin from UV ray damage, improves the production of collagen, elastin and GAGs, improves microcirculation, increases skin defence and protects from damage caused by oxidants.

Multiple Hydration Complex (liposome mix): complete moisturizing and hydrating action, softening and soothing effect.

Creatine: energizing effect, improves metabolic processes.

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