Neos Body Tonic
Innovative professional body care products which tone and bio-restructure skin.

Tonic Plus
Specific product for professional use consisting of an innovative biostimulating peptide combined with dmae and two specific flavonoids.

Concentrate of active substances for an intense and deep restructuring of the dermis and epidermis. Vascular toning effect.

Main active ingredients:
Syn-Coll: activates neo-collagen synthesis.

Dmae: toning and firming action.

Chronodyn: cell energizing action.

Escin + Rutin: vasoactive action and vascular toning effect.

Tonic Rigen
Concentrate product for professional use consisting of a combination of two specific peptides with flavonoids. Fluid concentrate of active substances.Developed for an intense and deep restructuring of the dermisepidermis through a biostimulating and repairing action reactivating the production of the M.E. components such as collagen, elastin and GAGs. Effectively protects blood vessels and tones micro-vessel walls. Restores tone, elasticity and firmness to skin.


Copper Peptide: regenerating and stimulating effect.

Biopeptide El: firming and toning action.

Rutin + Horse Chestnut: protects blood vessels with a vascular toning action.

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