Neos Body P.E.F.S. treatment
Innovative professional treatment developed to treat and protect against Panniculopatia Edemato Fibro Sclerotica

The treatment is based on highly advanced productss based of innovative active ingredients such as “cell modifiers” PROVIDING A SPECIFIC ACTION AGAINST ADIPOSE TISSUE AND CELLULITE. REDOX has a triple action in adipose tissue to transform and structurally remodel adipose and cellulite-affected skin. Varied interactive biochemical mechanisms allow for a wide spectrum action in hypodermic tissue.

Main active ingredients
Myriceline + Body Fit: helps reduce fatty tissue, promotes lipolysis and prevents lipogenesis.

Coaxel Complex: lipolytic action promoting metabolic action.

L-Carnitine: activates metabolic action, fatty acids.

Unislim: reducing action.

Body Fit: helps prevent the formation of fatty tissue, promotes lipolysis and prevents lipogenesis.

Multiple Hydration Complex: restores hydration.

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