For Pretty Eyes
Moisturising and Nourishing Treatment

There are two versions of mini-treatment for the eyes, with different accompanying care treatments. Their aim is to remove signs of fatigue, overwork, sleep deficiency, and to soothe reddening, skin irritation and a feeling of dry eyelids.

Version A - relaxing and moisturising. This is the simplest version of the mini–treatment, drawing on the extraordinary properties of Rose Water won from fresh bud petals of the most expensive rose of the world, Rosa centifolia. Come to our rose garden and get intoxicated by its captivating and magical scent.

Version B - nourishing and smoothing. A mini-treatment using a Smoothing Capsule rich in EFA (gamma-linoleic acid), lecithin and vitamin E, which improves the hydrolipid barrier and hydration, and Algum-Calm Mask which revitalises the skin on the eyelids and reduces swelling.

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