Flawless Skin
A Purifying Treatment

A purifying treatment designed for skin with visible impurities and widened pores, and where there is a recommendation for their manual extraction. The treatment combines classic manual blackhead extraction using a complex of agents with antibacterial, soothing and widened pore tightening properties. It includes: illite, a remineralising, soothing, pore tightening and refreshing clay; glycolic acid, the most active of alpha hydroxyacids with keratolytic and epidermis rebalancing properties; tea tree oil, a natural ”antibiotic” which calms skin inflammation caused by bacteria, phytosalicylates, urea and flavonoids. Despite controversies around the manual removal of blackheads, we find this treatment indispensable in many cases, especially if there are many impurities and also at the beginning of other treatments such as Contra Acne or AHA-Exfoliation. However, we do not recommend applying this treatment more often than once every two months. Blackheads, sebum excess and other impurities are removed during the treatment.

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